March 2012

You may remember me, I bought my chocolate lab Luna from you in 2007 (Bambi litter 10/06/07) Hope you are all well? Your website is excellent, such lovely pictures!   Luna is still as gorgeous as ever! I now run a dog training school so she gets to spend lots of time joining in with classes and enjoys agility - she really is a lovely girl, thank you!



March 2012



Bella is a fantasic dog and has the most beautiful nature. she's loves retrieving down the field and is very energetic. she loves other dogs and people and hardly ever makes a mumur. she is very very cuddly and loves dinner time (as most labradors do!)

Hope you enjoy the photos

Kirsty & Richie

January 2012

I hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I found your website and thought you might like to know how two of your boys are.

Not sure if you remember us, but we got two Labrador puppies from you in 2000. Their Mum was Wispa and looking at your pics of her it's easy to see the resemblance!

They have been (and still are!) the most amazing dogs in the world. We have just celebrated their 12th birthday and they are still as active, fit and healthy as ever. Apart from the whiter faces you'd never guess their age.

Our two children, now 4 and 6, have obviously grown up with them and they have been brilliant company for each other. They are such kind and gentle dogs - and incredibly tolerant!


Woody & Harvey

August 2011


Coco has been a joy since the moment we got her. She has settled in so well and is now an integral part of the family – it is hard to think of life without her now – all 3 of the children are devoted to her.

She is still chewing most things that she can get hold of, but she is a very quick learner and it is a joy to see how she quickly she develops and how easy to train she is – must be your valuable work in the early weeks. Already progressed to walking off the lead and coming when called! Thank you for a wonderful new member of our family.

Mark & Emily

July 2011

Inca has settled in really well. She only howled for a few minutes the first night, all quiet since.

She was very wary of Maizie for about the first ten minutes. Now they are all over each other; seems very boisterous but Inca doesn't seem at all bothered. I've a feeling she's going to be the boss. Whichever toy one has, the other wants! I think we have an absolutely beautiful pair of dogs; thank you so much. Will send more pictures when we can get them to sit still for long enough.

Sheila, Paul and family.

Inca and Maizie

March 2011

I felt you might like to know how Archie one of Toffee's litter was progressing, and please find a small selection of photos at six months and two weeks.


I would like to say that he has been an absolute star and is a great dog, he has a great temperament and is a handsome boy, and is very loved by us all.

Once he settled in, he has grown into our family very well  and is a joy to have. He like all puppies/young dogs is a little monkey at times but learns very quickly and is very keen to please.

We have had virtually no problems with him over the first six months. He is growing well now and is great with people and other dogs, and frankly is a credit to you and your breeding. He regularly gets compliments from other dogs owners when we are out walking him.

I am of the opinion that if a dog starts its life well and is in a good loving environment and good breeding conditions, then that is a catalyst to longevity. I would like to thank once again for a great dog.

Update: October 2011 - Just  a quick note to say that Archie 12 months on (or just over) and all is well. He is the most wonderful dog we have ever owned, a fabulous character and temperament and he is water mad!! recon he would find water in a desert! loves to swim.

Trevor & Sharon


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